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Who Is Lesonne Bridals?

LeSonne Bridals is a company where talent comes together to bring out the beauty in you. We are a team of dedicated Hair Stylists and Make-up Artists turning our innovative ideas into reality. Our Mission? To release each client/model with a higher self image of themselves. We are driven to design and produce breathtaking looks, styles and images.

What does "Lesonne" mean?

I have always believed that a company’s name says much about its intent, quality and attitude, and its meaning sets it apart from the rest. Here at Lesonne Bridals our name Lesonne is a parallelization of the word “Lawsone” which is the name given to a particular molecule that is a key factor in the artistry of Henna. When Henna is applied to the skin the the lawsone molecules migrate from the henna paste, traverse the outermost layer of the skin, and transform the natural color of the skin into a beautiful brown and lasting hue. Without Lawsone, this transformation could not occur.

This transformation yields something truly beautiful and Here at Lesonne Bridals believe in making that same transformation for you. We don’t just do hair & Make-up , we transform your very look and feel. Whether the event be big or small, if you have come to us, we understand that it is important to you and you want to look and feel your very best, and we are here to make that happen and share in the joy of the beauty that is you.

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